Vendor Pays Offer $97

Have the Vendor pay your costs

How would you like to get your purchase costs paid by the property vendor at the settlement table?  The Agent’s costs get paid then.  Why not yours?

It’s amazing how people think that just because something has been done a particular way for a number of years, then it can’t be done any other way.  And, as you’ll see inside our Vendor Pays Offer documentation, the big operators in the industry think nothing of getting the vendor (seller) to pay some or all of their purchase costs for them.  If the big players use this technique, why not you?

Almost all our purchases and the purchases of our JV Partners are now structured so that our purchase costs are included in the cost of the property.  No rebates and nothing hidden.  The process is completely transparent to all involved, including lenders.

The product contains a template Vendor Pays Offer and the required Special Conditions to make your Vendor Pays Offer fit the Contract of Sale.

Often the Vendor’s solicitor/conveyancer will be unfamiliar with this type of offer and this can generate a negative attitude to your Offer.  To overcome this we have also included a letter you can forward to the solicitor/conveyance, along with the Agent’s Sales Advice, showing how some of the largest firms in Australia use this same technique.

Forget adding 4% to 5% purchase costs to the price of your next property.  There is another way!

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