Vendor Finance Management

The Directors of Vendor Finance Management Pty Ltd (VFM) have been in the real estate Vendor Finance (VF) business since 2003 and understand the responsibilities each Vendor Financier has to comply with the old Uniform Consumer Credit Code and the new National Credit Code.

We saw the need for a reputable company to help Vendor Financiers administer their VF contracts in accordance with the Codes. This resulted in the birth of VFM in August 2009.

VFM ensures full and compliant documentation is provided to all parties in a VF transaction. This includes loan statements and other documentation to the VF purchaser and statements of all the incomings and outgoings to you, the Vendor Financier.

How we administer your Loan Contract

  • Payments are received from the VF purchasers via direct debit (established by VFM)
  • Outgoings are paid by EFT for Council Rates, Insurance and Water Rates
  • Monthly statements of accounts and payments are forwarded to the Vendor Financier
  • Six monthly loan statements are forwarded to the VF Purchasers, along with all the other documentation required by the National Credit Code.

Our Service Charge

We charge 4.4% (including GST) of the incoming payments collected.

NB: Lease/Option (Rent To Own) management coming soon.


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