Negative2Positive Calculator – $87

The NEGATIVE2POSITIVE™ Calculator (N2P Calculator) is a software program that does the number crunching for your negative2positive vendor finance Joint Ventures, i.e. a transaction where your JV partner already owns the property, you sell the property with vendor finance and you both share the profits.


Watch this short video to see the N2P Calculator in action… CLICK HERE


The N2P Calculator can handle all the following complexities:

  • What is your Owner’s current loan balance?
  • How many Interest Only years remain on your Owner’s loan?
  • How many Principal & Interest years remain on your Owner’s loan?
  • What is the minimum amount your Owner is going to accept for her/his property?
  • How do the overall ‘numbers’ change with various on-sell prices?
  • What effect does a smaller or larger Deposit have on profitability?
  • What would be the effect of a sliding scale, on-sell interest rate?
  • Maybe you want to share the Deposit, the Monthly Cash Flow and Backend Profit other than 50/50. Just enter what you’ve agreed or see the effect of varying the percentages.

All these factors effect the transaction’s profitability and with the N2P Calculator you can see the result of these ‘what ifs’ in seconds.  Just click the ‘Start to Calculate’ button.

The N2P Calculator is very user friendly.  Simply tell it your current loan ‘numbers’, your Owner’s minimum price, your selling ‘numbers’ and your profit split and it’ll give you and your JV partner the total dollar return at the end of years 1 through 5.

One of the best parts of the N2P Calculator is the ability to change different variables and see exactly how it affects your transaction.

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