One integrated system equals control


At last, a Direct Debit Service that welcomes the Vendor Finance industry.  Using LinksPay’s fully integrated payment solution within your business provides significant time and process savings.

  • Removes double management and outsourced security issues
  • One management system equals one point of data entry
  • Direct debit transactions settled daily once cleared
  • Client records updated automatically
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Sustained detailed audit trail
  • Reduce administration time
  • The Web interface is very user friendly
  • The Australian based phone support understands the needs of Vendor Financiers

LinksPay removes the reliance on costly, inefficient outsourced payment providers. Through integration we have also removed the double entry of your clients’ account information, as your client details are only ever entered into our system by you. This improves data integrity, removes errors and reduces client setup time.

By automating client payments, processing, reconciliation and reporting through our exclusive integration, LinksPay also returns significant staff resource time savings back to you. This all adds up to better business.

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