Karen & I have been to many investment and property seminars and almost all have suggested to build a team of experts around you before you start. The team of suggested experts often looks like the following:

  • Accountant
  • Lawyer
  • Mortgage Broker
  • Independent Valuer
  • Contractors such as plumbers, painters, cleaners, pest controllers
  • Property Manager

But how does a simple list like this pan out when you’re operating in a small niche area like Vendor Finance?


A few years ago we entered into a joint venture (JV) with negatively geared landlords, using our Negative2Positive technique. At the time, I suggested our JV partners use an experienced vendor finance accountant, as the tax treatment of vendor financed property transactions can be quite convoluted.

Two years ago, our JV partners spoke about a challenge they were having with the tax treatment of the vendor finance arrangement. Again, I suggested they speak with the most experienced vendor finance accountant I know, Bruce Whiting.

A couple of weeks ago Bruce sent me the following:

“As you may be aware {owners} have recently appointed me tax agent.  When completing their 2016 income tax returns I note that in prior years we estimate their income to be overstated by approximately $50,000 due to the incorrect tax treatment of the {address} property.

To assist us amend their prior year tax returns I was hoping you may be able to provide some information.  We are after the loan statements that your administration system may have prepared that was provided to the purchaser of the property…..” 

It turned out that until just recently, our JV partners had been using their long-time Tax Agent, who had no prior experience with vendor finance. Vendor Finance Management quickly supplied Bruce with copies of the Statements he requested. Work on the amended tax returns is now underway, with the result likely to put a smile on the face of our JV partners.


Would you use a Lawyer who specialises in international trade to run a child custody case? As I mentioned with accountants, vendor finance is a niche market and few lawyers have any experience in what we do.

Worse still are vendor financiers who attempt to draw up the vendor finance legal paperwork themselves. The horror stories associated with such DYI decisions are legendary!

Two great resources to locate an experienced vendor finance lawyer in your State are Cordato Partners and Buy Without a Bank.

Mortgage Broker

Another true specialist area in our niche market is the refinancing of vendor finance arrangements by traditional lenders, once sufficient equity has been accrued by the purchaser. Like accountants and lawyers above, traditional lenders are generally reluctant to deal with something they have no experience with, i.e. vendor finance.

To me, refinancing vendor finance transactions is an art 🙂 that requires extensive knowledge of our Industry and an ability to communicate effectively with the Business Development Mangers (BDM’s) of non, big 4 lenders.

The artist 🙂 I use for refinances is Felicity Heffernan

Independent Valuer

This is not a profession I’ve used in our vendor finance business. All issues of the VFI News are posted on the Vendor Finance Professionals (VFP) facebook group. If you have suggestions regarding the use of Valuers in our Industry or you’d like to recommend a particular Valuer, please leave your comments on the VFP Facebook page.


I’ll leave you to build your own Contractors list. However the members of the VFP facebook group have nationwide experience, so don’t be afraid to ask a question regarding a good contractor in your area.

Property Manager

When we started, we went against all advice 🙂 and self-administered all our vendor finance transactions. We were warned such a course of action would eventually chain us to the desk and, sure enough, after a while, we were bogged down in admin and our growth slowed.

So we moved the admin to the property management section of a real estate agency, whose principal insisted he knew all about vendor finance. He didn’t!

In frustration, we setup a specialist vendor finance administration company, called Vendor Finance Management Pty Ltd in 2009. With the introduction of the National Credit Code in 2010, we were glad we did, as there are now a lot of rules around vendor finance administration.

Add Your Favourites

As I mentioned above, all issues of the VFI News are posted on the Vendor Finance Professionals (VFP) facebook group. If you have suggestions regarding your preferred Experts, please let us know by leaving their contact details and your comments on the VFP Facebook page.


Clients First – Always.